About Us

Co-Owners: Nick Laureano & Johnnie Brown

Nick Laureano- I’m a 25 year old entrepreneur from Brockton, Ma. I’ve always been driven by the disappointment I’ve experienced in my life. It fueled me to create “Only the Motivated” because during my time of struggle, I had no choice but to stay motivated and remain content. I’m here to empower others to find their spark and create everlasting success that we all can benefit from. 

Johnnie Brown-
I’m a Family man & Entrepreneur; I’m 26 years old. Born & raised in Boston, Ma. Some of the struggles I’ve dealt with growing up always motivated me to strive for better. For those who know my story. My experiences helped encouraged those around me to go after what they want to achieve in life. I always stood out as a leader and role model. Now with “Only the Motivated” I want to continue to spark my positivity, motivation within my community and around the world.