How We Started

Only the Motivated originally started as a hashtag at first. No purpose, sense, or meaning behind it. As time went on, our mission became clear. Through being motivated and positive despite life’s triumphs we found our purpose. We had to believe in one another so that we could excel further and grasp the passion we had for this. Through changing the world around us and bringing together all walks of life to be apart of a movement that stood not only for the greater good but in the eyes of everyone who wore it, they felt a sense of ambition thus finding our sense. Through uplifting all who battled mental scars who could never quite escape the feeling of emptiness, we pushed to accept any and all who want to feel righteous about themselves and feel an entirely new understanding wearing our brand thus finding our meaning. When all is said and done, our goal is to thrive, push, and prosper as a global brand and bring along all those who know what it means and takes to be motivated and fearless. We started as something as little as a word, now we stand for something much bigger. Our vision is clear!